Rockport Artists Mission Statement

Rockport Artist Mission Statement and Why Is This Website Here?

Rockport Artist is a website started by artist and Rockport native Eoin Vincent. Its goal is to document one of the unique charters of the town, which is to recognize that many artists live and produce their work in Rockport or have used Rockport as a stop along their paths in life.

To look at a list of artists from our area is to see a Who’s Who of painters, photographers, sculptors, potters, writers, and musicians and is truly a testament to the creative spirit of our town.

This website seeks to serve as an index of Rockport artists living and deceased and will add an artist every few months. We will be asking the same eight questions of each artist:

  1. Who or what influenced you in becoming a (artist field, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)?
  2. What creatively inspires and motivates you in your work?
  3. What are some of the influences for your current work?
  4. What is your greatest fear?
  5. Where do you feel (artist field, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.) is going?
  6. What music are you listening to?
  7. What are you reading?
  8. What roll does Rockport play in your work?

With the artists that have gone before us will create a biography of the artist and hopefully describe their impact on the community.

If you know a Rockport artist that you feel should be interviewed or researched, please contact Eoin at

Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Eoin Vincent

Help Continue Interviews & Conversations with Rockport Artist by making a donation. Money helps pay for the server fee’s, transcriptions and other fee’s that occur from this site.

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